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Our Experience With The Personal Cup Coffee Maker

Well, we tried out our new coffee maker that I bought Julie for Valentine’s Day and the verdict is excellent. These personal cup coffee makers are convenient because instead of having to make a whole pot of coffee you can just make one cup…

Julie even let’s me use it lol…..

Gotta go coffee is brewing

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Early Valentine’s Present

In honor of Valentine’s I gave Julie a personal cup coffee maker that uses the Senseo pods and she is pretty excited about it…here is a link if you want to check out the Senseo website:

Julie then went on to say I suppose you will use it too and I said yes; so she says so it isn’t really my Valentine gift…..ooops…

It’s the thought that counts right?

She I mean we are looking forward to trying it out this weekend as we both don’t drink a lot of java at night as it tends to keep us up…..

I will blog about her I mean our experience with the personal cup coffee maker soon….

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Cup of Java

Check this out….it is made up out of the words on this blog site…..pretty cool

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