Giving Daily

30 Jan

Why don’t we? Why won’t we? We should; we could. We will because we love Jesus.

Let’s give this year. What can we give?

Our Time: We give our time to our families, our jobs, our children. What is stopping us from giving our time to God?

Give Him time in His Word; time in prayer with Him.

Our Service: We give our service to organizations; to our child’s sports teams. What is stopping us from giving our service to God?

Give Him service by helping at church whether it is greeting; serving in the nursery; serving in hospitality and etc. Serve Him.

Our Tithes: We give our money to our families; to stores; to movie theaters; to our hobbies and etc. What is stopping us from giving our money to God?

Give Him a tenth of what we earn. It is His anyways. He can multiply what we give so it can be used to further His Kingdom.

This world is full of takers; let’s go against the grain and be givers.

Check out the article below

Keep it real


A taste of Christ’s extravagant love

How can any of us who have tasted the extravagant love of Christ be stingy with our resources? Doesn’t His compassion toward us make us naturally disposed to help those in need? If we see someone who has a need that we can meet, how can our heart not want to help them? Won’t we love the fatherless, and the widow, and the shut-in, and the homeless, since we know that we once were fatherless, estranged from the Father, disabled, and headed for eternal separation from God?

— J. D. Greear

Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary

(Nashville, Tn.: B & H Publishing, 2011), 133

via Of First Importance | Living each day in the good of the gospel.

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